The Dangers Of Radon Gas And How To Prevent Them

Crawl space radon gas is an extremely hazardous gas but this is colorless and odorless which makes it impossible for an average person to recognize the presence of it. The gas is usually found in soil and water, which enters your home through foundation gaps, drains, sumps and cracks. It also makes its way to your home through your water supply, especially for homes that have a well.

After cigarette smoking, radon holds a strong second position as the major cause of lung cancer in the US, which makes it a serious health problem. We all know that cigarette smoke has odor and color, but Radon does not have either, which worsen the issue. Radon can also infect water, which is considered the leading cause of intestinal cancer and it can be released from water to air during showering or washing.

To keep your home clean and prevent an infection from radon, the best thing to do is a crawl space encapsulation because crawlspace is the major source of origin for radon gas. Radon measurement kits can be bought separately in stores, which will help you to inspect the radon presence under your crawlspace.

Once you figure out radon presence, the next step is to buy a crawlspace encapsulation kit. There are two types of kits that you can buy: the first one is installed by professionals while the second one is a Do-It-Yourself kit that can be installed without the help of a professional. However, it’s important to make sure that you’re installing the right type of protective shield under your home.

The first thing to consider is the permeability rating of the encapsulation sheet which can range anywhere from 0.000 to 0.025, but when it comes to radon prevention, anything less than 0.000 do not work. Make sure that you’re buying encapsulation sheets that are of 0 permeability rating. The second step is to keep your crawl space energy efficient because crawlspace is a major source of losing energy, particularly in winters. By installing an energy efficient encapsulation kit, you can keep your home warm by consuming lesser energy, at least by 50%.

By installing a crawlspace lining on the crawl space, you can completely prevent the entrance of radon and this has many other benefits too. You can keep your crawl space clean and make it much more useful; and it will also ensure a healthier life for you and your family.