Who is likely to need lightning protection?

A lot of interesting facts about lightning protection are there which all of us are not aware. They take place at a random level and most times you will not understand them as well. How do you come across the fact whether your home would be a good place for lightning protection or not? The sad part would be that most people do turn a blind eye to this concept. They are going to realize when their immediate neighbour would be in trouble or damage has been shown the door. If you combine all the other natural calamities, the damage of lighting would be at a much higher level. This would really surprise me that most people still do not consider it as a form of threat only.

So what does the definition of lightning? In short, it goes on to strike the tallest object that you come across on the ground. The corner or edges of the building are a prime example, with the chimneys or rooftops as well. A lot of questions you would need to ask at this point in time. Does my building happen to be safe than the other ones in the locality? Would the trees in my compound be taller than the other ones in the area? Once you have an idea of these questions you can go ahead.

The geography would be another important point to consider. There are certain regions in the world that are more prone to lighting in comparison to the others. For example, Florida in the US would be a high-risk zone. Before you plan ahead to observe the map of lighting to have a fair idea of what to expect. At this point in time, you would find that the topography also assumes a lot of importance. If you are on a hilltop the risk would be on the higher side in comparison to a valley.

With lighting protection, you can ensure the safety of you and your family. But when it comes to the various components in your premises you would need surge protection. This would be from the power surges which do occur due to lightning. The worst part would be that it could strike a mile away and then it could reach your premises as well. With phone wires or cables in the same situation might occur as well. If you are having a lightning protection system all the paths in terms of lightning to your home or premises need to have protection as well.

If you have a fully automated home there could be a lot of damages due to power surges that might take place on your premises. There are a lot of other things which can be prone to damage as well. Industrial plants, processing site along with any container that may contain inflammable materials are prime examples of the same. If you are part of such an industry you would need to plan changes to the structure on an immediate basis